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The Wonders of Bear Medicine



The Animal Spirit; the animal Soul,  is that part of a person that is deeply connected to the earth .  It is a definitive energy in the human energy system and is the cauldron which provides the fire to transform the body and emotions into a spiritual God being.  The genetics are complicated.  In simplicity, interferon; that genetic material that is left after the human body is formed, contains the genetic material to identify an animal.    That animal defines our animistic nature.  The indigenous folk describe the Animal Spirit as an ally, a guide to help the individual to maneuver through a life of lessons and spiritual development. 

The Animal Soul defines aspects of one’s character. Are you a predator or are you prey? Both have abilities and specific ways of interacting with  the earth that guarantee survival.  Each has specific abilities to create upon the earth. Indigenous traditions recognize the power of the the energies inherent in the Animal Soul and the need to master those energies for the purposes of spiritual growth.  There are specific rituals within indigenous traditions which assist one to discover, develop and master the Animal Soul.  
The Bear People, Mato Oyate in the Lakota tradition, are considered the closets kin to humanity.  Both bears and humans are defined as the two-legged people.    Bear medicine men were recognized by the skeletal breast place which covers the chest.   Those who have earned the right to wear this medicine dreamed of bears.  A consistent manifestation in the dreams of Bear Dreamers is the appearance of a bear  who comes and eventually attacks the dreamer; ripping the flesh of the dreamer from the body.  The dreamer is  then re-shod; often with the skin of a bear,  and is born anew.  I never thought it coincidence that during the Indian wars many of the chiefs who lead warriors into battle were those of bear medicine.

These magnificent creatures are doggedly loyal to family.  If you happen to fall in love with someone with bear medicine, know that the most positive manifestation will be a loyal and highly protective love.  There is no obstacle or barrier through which a  bear person will move to provide for the one he or she loves.  Children are sacrosanct.  One of the greatest lessons for bear people is to let go and not  perceive moving on as abandonment. Bear Dreamers can be tremendously ruthless when protecting any thing defined  as theirs.  Basically, don’t invade their space and don’t start none won’t be none.  Bear people can and will follow you into the none physical to deliver a karmic blow particularly with respect to family and children.

 Bear Dreamers rejuvenate through solitude.  They are dreamers, Night Walkers and spend more time in the other side than other medicines. Do not perceive their aloofness as arrogance.  They are listening to the other side.   

 In the negative, bear people can be isolative and territorial.  They can be spiritually haunted, walking so closely to the other side.  Great care was taken to watch over  children with bear medicine to prevent their going mad due to constant communication with the non-physical.    If you love a bear person, do not become offender when they disappear for weeks at a time. In the way that the autistic become overwhelmed with constant stimulation, so bear people, who see and hear everything, must get away to replenish and release the overwhelm of  constant stimulation.  One who has mastered their medicine can control these senses, like turning the television off and on.   The need for this level of control creates a great need for rejuvenation.

Bear people carry the medicine of  being able to see inside the body;  their own and of those with whom they come into contact.  For this reason, Bear people are considered the most powerful healers. Bear people can pick your thoughts right out of your head. They know what you are thinking before you do.  Because of their maternal natures ( yes, this includes the men) and their loyalty to family and community, bear people governed the community councils.  If you want a war council;activism,  go to the Eagle People.  If you want community, go to the Bear Dreamers.

Please enjoy the attached video which I found on the wall of a new Facebook friend.  I recall seeing some of the clips on one of the nature show specials on bears.  I was tickled to death that some of the images were included on this personal video. This clip truly captures the essence of bear medicine and the music is wonderful.
[vsw id="6Tv0Y5zKzYs&hl=en_US& " source="youtube" width="445" height="364" autoplay="no"]

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