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Power of Four Directions: The Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel is a European termed used to describe Native American beliefs that life moves in a series of cycles.  The small icons we see are the symbolic representation of the cardinal directions upon a circle.  Each direction represents a series of lessons represented by specific animals, medicines, stellar and planetary alignments and colors. 

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The Ancients believe that we visit each Direction, each Corner, as we traverse through life. We remain in each direction approximately seven years absorbing the lessons of that Direction.

It is said that one can attain enlightenment in one twenty-eight year cycle of life.  Ideally an individual will live long enough to traverse the wheel four times in an incarnation.  This is why we pray for long life; to complete our lessons so we do not have to repeat the cycle.

Here is a Native American perspective on the meaning of the straight and narrow; not that one walks a linear path that never jumps the curb, but that one stays focused and passionate enough to complete their cycles regardless of the road that needs to be traveled.  Windows of opportunity are presented to us and we either leap, to grab the ring off the turnstile, or remain on the path we’re on.  If we are not careful, we get stuck in old beliefs and behaviors that keep us stuck on the Sacred Wheel. Healing is recreating opportunities to learn our lessons and clear our Karmic responsibilities.

We acknowledge the Four Corners which create the world and begin our series on the Medicine Wheel; the Sacred Hoop of Life.  We share from the Lakota perspective for we have direct experience with this culture and tribe. We know that the spiritual metaphysical concepts of the Lakota “Medicine Wheels” are based upon a literal “Wheel” in the physical environment of the Black Hills and Western Plains.  The Lakota way of Life focused on this Sacred Red Road of Life.  

We invite you to browse our series, learn more about the Lakota perspective and universal truths inherent in these teachings. We welcome your comments and thoughts at the site.  In sharing our thoughts and feelings, we will find that we all carry a piece of the truth and truly are all related.

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