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African Spiritual Traditions

What is Ifa’?  Ifa is the indigenous spiritual  tradition of the Yoruba People of Nigeria, West Africa.   It has three primary components: Ancestor veneration, Orisha Veneration, and Divination or readings.  The basic purpose of this tradition is to help individuals stay connected to one’s higher self and the Spirits of Nature.  

Ifa’ based based traditions were ccarried to the Americas by the slaves brought from West Africa. These traditions are practiced extensively in Cuba, Latin America and the islands. Slave owners did not prohibit the slaves from practicing their indigenous faiths.  This allowed the traditions to be passed down through the generations and Ifa’ is as accessible as the Catholic religion. 

Ifa’ has become significant in the United States as many African Americans have sought a spiritual practice which presents spiritual truths from a culturally relevant perspective. It is estimated that over 85% of African Americans are descendants of  Nigeria peoples  brought to the United States at the height of the slave trade. Many African Americans are turning away from the European tenets of Judeao-Christianity and are looking for a spiritual practice more in harmony with the earth and with deities that, like the practitioners, are dark with kinky hair.

This is not to say that one needs to be black in order to study Ifa’.  There are many who are not of African descent who practi`ce this tradition. Ifa’ is the fastest growing “religion” around the world with practitioners from numerous cultures and races. Ifa, as an earth based spiritual practice,  has much in common with Native indigenous practices which is why we include it,here, on this site. This connection between Native Indigenous and Africans is sound from a historical perspective.  Scholars have long documented that Africans came to the Americas long before Columbus and in doing so brought and mingled their traditions with the local populations.  It is because of this connection that Africans were able to run into the “bushes” of Florida and live with and marry  among the Seminole and Cree People without  harm.


There are many in our circle who are of African and Native descendant.  It is for the benefit of  our circle that we post this informatio;, so that individuals can have access to information that will help them to heal and grow.  This site is an answer to a question, “How do you choose which to follow….” The answer is to learn both!  Learn about all that you are! 

We will be posting information on the African Native connection.  We hope it is of benefit to our readers.  Please feel free to comment on our posts.  We enjoy stimulating conversation.  Enjoy!
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