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Getting Started

Songs for the Lodge:  Getting Started

Please follow these guidelines if you are attending one of Spider’s Inipi Ceremonies:  

Confirm you Group:
 Our lodge holds 6-8 people comfortably depending on one’s size. We have had as many as 10 in the lodge.  Any more than this is uncomfortable and unsafe.  Please confirm your guest list and number of people with our Fire Keeper  in an email.

We start preparations for ceremony several hours before you show up for the lodge.  Once we start the fire we will not cancel the lodge. If you change your mind, or something happens to  stop your coming,  please call us 4 hours before your scheduled lodge. We don’t care if it is 1:00 in the morning.  Please call!  You will be responsible for the cost of materials and honorariums for the singer and fire keeper.  Please be respectful of our time, energy and resources.  Clear communication is critical.   g.

Carpool as much as possible

What the group needs to bring:

  • Bring one packages of tobacco, one yard of the specified color of cotton cloth , and a skein of red yarn.   
  • Prayer Bundles if you already know how to make them.
  • One package of tobacco from the group as an offering for the facilitator ( a total two packages of tobacco).
  • One case of drinking water for the group.

What each individual needs to bring:

  • The appropriate offering
    These funds are used to cover costs for wood, water, primary foods, medicines and materials for the lodge.  We also cover travel expenses for the facilitator and helpers .We do not make a profit on these ceremonies. We will provide for those who help us.
  • Offerings for your ancestors and spirit guides:  cloth, foods, spiritual items (optional). 
  • Clothes to wear inside the lodge: Loose fitting clothes like shorts & T-shirt, shift dresses, lapas.    There is no nudity in the lodge.  Please prepare accordingly.
  • Small Instruments:  There is only one drum inside the lodge carried by the singer.  You may bring your small rattles and shakers that are not made of metal inside the lodge. 
  • Towels:  Bring a couple of towels; one to take with you in the lodge to sit upon and  one for your cleaning after the lodge.
  • Food:   Each individual needs to bring a dish of food to share after the lodge.

  Leave Jewelry and valuables at home. 
We will not assume responsibility for these if you loose them on the land.

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