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Ritual Protocol

Songs For the Lodge:  Sweat Lodge Ritual Protocol

  • The Door of the lodge Faces East:  Always move in a clockwise direction around the lodge and the Lodge Fire when moving about the lodge.
  • The Lodge Fire:  The Lodge Fire represents the Eternal Sun and the ability to create spiritual transformation. It is always to the East of the door of the Lodge.  Standing  by the fire to focus or pray helps one prepare for the lodge.  Sometimes participants offer tobacco in the fire.   Do not throw anything into the fire without the consent of the Fire Keeper. 
  • Spirit Road:  The distance between the Lodge Fire and the Rock Pit is the Spirit Road.  It is disruptive to the flow of energy entering the lodge to cross the Spirit Road.  Remember to move around the outside of the LodgeFire.
  • Enter from the South:  You will enter the lodge through the door and from the South side of the Spirit Road. 
  •  Greet the Earth:  As you enter say, “Mitakuye Oasin or “ I am related to all Things”.
  • Move around clockwise:  Keep moving clockwise through the inside of the lodge until you come to an open space.  Make yourself as comfortable as possible.
  • Center:  Ground and center yourself by focusing on the Rock Pit and the glowing rocks as they are brought in.
  • Sing:  After the rocks are brought in and ritual observances are made, the door of the lodge will be closed and theceremony will begin with singing.  Follow the Singer and sing to the best of your ability.  Singing in a dark space allows the emotional body to relax.  This is the beginning of your healing experience.  Follow the instructions of the facilitator to complete the rest of the ceremony.


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