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Safety Protocol

     Songs for the Lodge:  Safety Protocol

  • Drink Water.  Drink a gallon of water (4 liters) of water in the 24 hour period prior to your coming into the lodge.  This is to hydrate the body and begin flushing the kidneys.  At our lodge, you will be required to drink 8-16 oz of water in the two hour period before entering the lodge.
  • Avoid  Alcoholic Beverages.  Do not drink alcoholic beverages in the 24 hour period before the lodge.  These dehydrate the body.  Chronic use of alcoholic beverages  can create strain and damage to your organs, especially the liver.  The heat generated in the lodge creates additional strain on your organs.  Speak to the facilitator if you are new to recovery to receive additional information on being safe in the ceremony.  There are studies that show that the endorphins released as a result of being in a lodge can assist in  the recovery process.  We encourage our recovering friends to participate regularly in this ceremony.
  • Avoid Controlled Substances.  Do not take controlled substances in the 24 hour period prior to the ceremony for the same reasons listed above.
  • No Intoxication.  Do not come to the ceremony intoxicated.  You will not be allowed to participate and will be sent home. Respect yourself, your ancestors and community. 
  • Check Your Heat Tolerance.  The heat generated in the lodge will increase your heart rate and blood pressure.  Please discuss any medical challenges in these areas with your facilitator.  Do take all medications prescribed by a physician and follow medical advice with respect to being in heat.  Generally, If you can sit in a steam sauna, you can participate safely in a lodge.People who participate regularly in this ceremony develop a tolerance to heat.  If you are have trouble with the heat, speak up.  You do not need to suffer.
  • Enjoy Your  Lodge Experience.  Pray with your community, ancestors and guides.  Most people can participate comfortably and safely in a lodge if they adhere to the above guidelines.  Ask questions and take responsibility and  you will never be controlled by fear.Spider Who Sings
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