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Meet the International council of 13 Indigenous Elders

Council of thirteen Indigenous elders

Council of thirteen Indigenous elders

Meet the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Elders; a council of women Drawn together to manifest a vision of peace and healing on the earth.  Their work spans the globe and supports the rights of all indigenous people.  They currently call on us to unite in prayer for healing of the Gulf coast. Learn more about this call and other projects of this council at

Connections Between Ifa and First Nations Traditions

Ifa, as an earth based spiritual practice,  has much in common with Native indigenous practices which is why we include it,here, on songs for the lodge. This connection between Native Indigenous and Africans is sound from a historical perspective as scholars have long documented that Africans came to the Americas long before Columbus and in doing so brought and mingled their traditions with the local populations.  It is because of this connection that Africans were able to run into the “bushes” of Florida and live with and marry  among the Seminole and Cree People without  harm. It is our purpose to shre many of these connections on this site.  check back fruently to stay updated  on the latestest articles and videos on this conversation.

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