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The Power of Four Directions: Medicine Wheels

Below are several examples of medicine wheel icons from the Lakota tradition.

Notice that the colors are in different directions on the wheel.  Is there a correct placement of the colors on the wheel  and what do they mean?  Is there such a things as “ The right  or wrong Medicine Wheel?”  One internet author wrote:

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Kahlil Gibran on Love

Hello fam.  We are back after a long , drawn  out illness.  We’re all healed up now and reading to go.  Want to share with you all a very profound video shared on Facebook by a friend depicting Gibran’s poem on love.  I must say, these words held true for me and our staff.  Enjoy!-Spider Who Sings.
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The Wonders of Bear Medicine



The Animal Spirit; the animal Soul,  is that part of a person that is deeply connected to the earth .  It is a definitive energy in the human energy system and is the cauldron which provides the fire to transform the body and emotions into a spiritual God being.  The genetics are complicated.  In simplicity, interferon; that genetic material that is left after the human body is formed, contains the genetic material to identify an animal.    That animal defines our animistic nature.  The indigenous folk describe the Animal Spirit as an ally, a guide to help the individual to maneuver through a life of lessons and spiritual development. 

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